Neko Atsume Cheats & Tips To Build Your Own Ultimate Cats Family!

Hit-Point made this cat-collecting game with amazing uniqueness. In this game, you have to accommodate your virtual yard with toys and foods in order to attract rare cats. If you want to become the Cat Lord Supreme, these are some of the best tips and guides that would serve as your strategies to manage the game. So please follow this Neko Atsume cheats, i will show you ways of playing this game properly as well as getting unlimited goldfish and silver fish.

Spend More Money on Food


Neko Atsume offers a large selection of cat food from its in-game store at a varying array of prices. The more money you spend on food, the more points for you as you increase your cats’ population. Thus, if more cats are showing up, the bigger the chance of getting rare cats.

Luckily, cats will still show up even if you don’t have sufficient money, but you are suggested to put out lots of toys and a plate of plenty foods. The more “plenty of foods” out there,  the chances of getting more cats! So spend more on food than anything else in this game.

Get Lots of Fish


What players need to prioritize is “fish”. The is the primary currency of the game so the more fish you have, the better it would be for your gametime.

To gain more fish, use the food as bait. It would draw the Tubbs out which is your source to getting more fish on the bucket. Another way of getting lots of fish is to buy a red ball, or a ping pong ball as well as the small cardboard box. With these toys, the player can get to avail of 32 silver fish. Also, rare cats also visit if certain toys and food are present, so don’t miss that out. Set the food and claim your fish!

Choose a Specific Item


You need to learn which are the best items/toys for the cats, and make sure that they really love these ones before checking those in the Cat Book. If you want to collect gifts from the cats, it’s a good idea to learn what toys they like best.

Know about Themed Items


You need to know how and what items draws the cats on your end. There are also unusual cats that will be attracted to the themed items which are particularly delightful. So the best tip is to get familiar with the themes items. Take time to observe your yard, if any rare cats takes the bait, don’t miss out.

These are some of the things you need to know: Sassy Fran likes the Café item, Lady Meow Meow likes the Luxurious Hammock, and Bob the Cat likes the Cat Metropolis, Conductor Whiskers likes the Twisty Rail and the Cardboard Choo-Choo. Mr Meowgi likes the Scratching Log and the Sakura Pillow. Guy Furry likes the Glass Vase and the Heating Stove.

Buy Gold Fish with Silver Fish

Don’t wait for the cats to provide you with the gold fish. You can go to the in-game store and select “Gold Fish Exchange” to purchase ten gold fish for 500 silver ones. It’s pricey, but most gold fish items have comparatively low price tags.

Attract Miss Fortune who dishes out a lot of fish


If you are still unsatisfied for the amount of fish you have in a short period of time, buy the Cardboard House and you’ll attract Miss Fortune, a maneki neko who leaves behind a lot of fish when she departs.

These are just some of the tips, guides and strategies that can help you progress through your game. With this tools on your end, playing Neko Atsume has never been better.

Anyway, that is it for this post about Neko Atsume Cheats guys and please have a nice day.