Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Hack & Cheats For Free Gems and Coins

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a card game taken out of the popular anime series of the same title. If you like card games and strategies, then this is definitely a must-try! However, this game can be quite daunting if you are just starting out and don’t know of any duel links hack to help you play for long. The key to being successful in this game is knowing all of the different characters’ abilities and playing them out tactically to beat your enemy’s hand. Without further ado, here is our basic guide and list of duel links cheats that you can use to improve your game!


Pay attention to the tutorial because this game requires quite a learning curve. Know the game rules and you’ll be set to becoming the best dueler in the gaming world. You might even want to research first before building your deck. This game is not for the lazy and faint-hearted, you’ll need TONS of patience to become the best.

Know all you can about deck-building!

This is, by far, the most important element of the game. If you want to win, you’ll have to create an unbeatable and balanced deck. However, this is not to say that you should spend your savings buying packs. Get around using general cards at the moment and add better ones by earning them later on in the game.

Select good starting characters!

Choose your characters according to your playing strategy or the type of deck that you want to build. If you are aggressive and want to deal physical damage at the onset, you’ll want to go for cards or characters that do the same. If you value defence before anything else, then look for characters that will minimise attack damage and/or deflect enemy attacks, and so on…

Initially, you’ll be asked to pick either Seto Kaiba who is a highly physical character or Yami Yugi who deals spells more than physical attacks. Don’t worry if you’ll only have to choose one of them because you’ll get to play all of them once you reach a certain level in the game.

You get 20 cards in a deck and can use 5 extra ones. Learn the different zones to place each your characters/cards.

Play continuously!

You will earn your characters’ coveted skills only if you played continuously and followed the normal game course or upgraded each of them by using packs. Either way, if you go with Yami Yugi for starters, you’ll eventually build an awesome Cerberus deck and level up Yami Yugi to be able to use the powerful Sorcery Conduit.

Just keep completing those missions—regular and special ones, so you’ll be able to rack up on experience points and earn awesome items. Freebies, gems, and bonuses can be earned by logging on daily. Also, upgrade your characters as frequently as possible to unlock better skills that you can use to beat other opponents.

No need to buy expensive duel links hack or duel links cheats that don’t really work. If you want to succeed in this game, then grind day in-and-out.

Play the field strategically!

A balanced set of deck will always do the trick. You’ll need a combination of spell, trap, and monster cards to beat your opponent’s active deck. Take down the small cards first and then focus all your might on your opponent’s awesome spell card. On the other hand, use several monster cards to collectively deal damage to your opponent, while using traps and offensive + buff spells combo. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to protect your good cards and make use of your less powerful cards more efficiently. Don’t forget that monsters, spells, and trap cards can also protect you defensively.

Always be ready to counter your opponent’s attacks by studying his/her deck of cards. Check to see which among their cards are vulnerable in terms of defence, so you can bombard the enemy with physical attacks.

Drop opportunities!

Each type of card/character has equal chances of picking up items that you won’t ordinarily get if you have a different set of cards. For this reason, some go to the extent of having multiple accounts just to see which characters get to pick awesome items early on. Choice items will certainly improve your chances in duels and level up your character/card as well.

Purchase cards!

The Card Trader is an awesome place where you can exchange gem rewards for packs. You can even pick a really good character/card if you have enough for purchase. Use these better cards to win duels and earn more gems, packs, and other item drops.

Don’t miss special events!

Always check your events log to see if there is a special contest going on. Simply participating will help you gain special items, cards, or skills, once the event is finished. In this game, the more missions, quizzes, and activities you perform, the better the returns, so keep playing and finish all those simple quests.

Keep an eye on your gift box and don’t forget to collect your free items/skills every time. Rare card drops are a great way to start building a good card deck, since you wouldn’t want to discard these when you get them for free.

Join a group or a forum!

Forums are excellent ways to learn about other people’s game strategies. Lurk and read if you truly want to enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s quite tedious if you are doing it all on your own, but if you have friends to help you with deck-building, then all the better for you!

That’s it for our list of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links cheats and duel links hack tips. Don’t get intimidated by the amount of things you’ll need to learn to play the game. Trust us, the game is not popular for nothing! Just take your time and play. The more you immerse yourself in the game, the better you’ll understand how everything works. Check back often for more updates and share your game tips and strategies on the comments below!