How to Attract Neko Atsume Rare Cats

This game has rained on the gaming arena like never before. A thrilling cat focused game that has driven many gamers and cat lovers from all across the globe with sheer enthusiasm and high level of satisfaction. Despite the thrills and excitement that this game has brought, overcoming each step and levels is like finding a needle in the haystack. But, it’s not the end of the world as most people say because there are certain tips and guides, as well as strategies to help you along the way, especially if you want to know how to attract the Neko Atsume rare cats.

The secret of playing Neko Atsume and getting the rare cats collection is all about patience, wits and the right tips and guides.

1. Know the Basics 


First and foremost, in playing Neko Atsume, knowing the basics is vital. When you are able to master the basics of this game, it can give you an upper hand and edge as you play through your game.

Now, the basic elements that you must always go back to in reference are:

  • Knowing each rare cat’s character traits
  • The toys that they loved the most
  • The different and pricey foods that draws them
  • The arrangement of the yard

The more aware you are with the various rare cats, the better it would be for you.  You need to identify the rare cats first and then their specific and designated characters, as well as their likes, dislikes and even the kind of toys that they play with. Also, you need to know the items that make them appear as well as the food that makes them happy, pleased and satisfied.

2. Constant Checking of your Game

You need to constantly check on your game to see if any rare cat has dropped by or if there are items that you need to replace or add on to your lawn. If you constantly check in to see your game, you would notice the tiny and titbits things and items that you need to replace or add one or the areas that needs improvement.

3. Gain the Rare Cat’s Friendship

This game incorporates the significance of having your collections filled. So, it lies on how effective you are in gaining the Neko Atsume’s rare cat’s friendship as well as meeting its needs. If the rare cats are lingering on your lawn, then it implies that you are doing well and achieving your goals.

4. Remodel Your House


The end point of this game is collecting all of the rare cats, gathering many goldfish, expanding and beautifying your lawn and remodelling your house. These are the basic things that you need to know and ensure that you are effectively utilizing it all.  If your house was revamped, the higher possibility of gaining the rare cat’s affection is high.

5. Take Caution

Also, you need to be careful in how well you use your resources and how you spend your money. Don’t just buy anything from the cat store but rather, buy the things that matters the most. For instance, you need to get the toys that can provide you more fish and rewards. As you must have noticed while playing the game, the toys are your liferaft in the game and it can assist you in getting the rare cat’s attention and time.

If the rare cat is happy with the toys, it would leave behind rewards, if not, then it would quietly disappear back into its lair. You can try to buy a diversity of cat toys such as:

  • The yellow Ping-Pong ball
  • The big red rubber ball
  • The cardboard box
  • Zanzibar cushion
  • The temari ball
  • Thick cooling pad.

All of these toys can help you lure the cats especially the rare ones and make them happy. The happier they are, the higher the awards.

6. Invest in Food


More importantly, if you want the rare cats, and get them added to your cat list, invest in foods that are pricey and costly. Rare cats as they are, they demand more and it means expensive toys and expensive food.  For example, if you lure rare cats buy more Bonito Bitz or Sashimi or even the deluxe tuna bits.

7. Provide enough room to play

nekoatsumerarecats3Also, make sure that you are giving these rare cats plenty of room and space to linger and rest. If these elements were met, surely, the rewards would be surprising.

Consecutively, here is some of the basic information that you need to gather more rare cats and not waste your money:

  • For chairman meow, make sure that you give the earthenware pot.
  • For St. Purrick, buy the silk crepe pillow
  • For the classy miss fortune, get the cardboard house and place it on the lawn for her to enjoy.
  • For bob the cat, give the cat metropolis
  • For Xerxes on the other hand, it would require the Zanzibar cushion as well as the rare foods.
  • Senor don Gato would be thrilled to have the might mouse, so buy that one too.
  • For lady MeowMoew, it is fascinated with the luxurious hammock and don’t add cheap foods otherwise your efforts would be ignored. The hammock and the pricey foods are among the items that could make lady MeowMeow happy and satisfied.

8. More rare and special cats such as:


  • Billy the kitten needs a cowboy hat
  • Ramses the Great would demand the pyramid tent.
  • Guy Furry would be happy if you place a glass vase of a heating stove on your lawn but beware, because it is picky in terms of foods. Never set cheap foods when it is around
  • Kathmandu demands pricey foods and elegant toys specially the Temari Ball

Neko Atsume is all about playing with your wits and playing with skills. Never settle for less when playing this game, aim for good pair ups of foods, toys and items and make sure that each time you play, bear in mind the cats that appears on your lawn. Don’t dwell too much on the common cats but invest on things that can bring the elusive rare cats cruising through your lawn. This is the end of my post about how to attract Neko Atsume rare cats, if you want more information about cheats and tips, please check this post out. 




How to attract Neko Atsume Rascal

Just like Peaches, the Neko Atsume rascal is also hard to spot and see. It may seem ironic but the neko atsume rascal has the similar characteristics that peaches have. With that in mind, it is important to know the different ways to attract this elusive and secretive cat and lure it to your lawn to be added to your cat collection.

How to attract Neko Atsume Rascal:

Knowing what rascal might need or might be drawn too is the first thing that you need to know. For instance, it has a strong attraction to cardboard objects, as well as the train, café and even the house. He is also noted as the last among the rare cats to complete the catbook, which is why it is important that patience is enforced and practiced at all, times.


As you might have noticed, even though you have frisky bits laid out on your lawn, it would still be difficult. In order for you to draw the rare cat out of from its lair, you can prepare and set gold food sashimi or bonito bitz. Although you might be worried that you have spent a lot on special and costly food and yet he hasn’t appeared, don’t worry. Let your patience be extended and you will reap good rewards. Just keep on placing it on your lawn and eventually, it will appear and grace your day with much thrills and excitement, specially if rascal decided to stay and linger some more.

Also, rascal finds the bunny kick toy and the red ball, appealing so try to have those toys around as well. One thing about rascal is that it is very picky and sometimes would show a different side of it that makes it unpredictable to detect and figure out.

However, just like any other rare cats, their weakness will always get the best side of it and as for rascal, his love for toys and expensive food will eventually push him to come out despite the cost that it would bring to him.

Another thing that makes rascal unique is that different objects can draw him. Sometimes, it comes out when there is vase on the lawn or it purrs when there is rubber ball, and even when there is a heating stove.

It is not easy to attract Rascal:

Funny as it may seem, but Rascal brings a lot of diversities that makes it harder for any gamers out there to read. Also, if you have a pom-pom sock and serve him with sashimi, and a deluxe tuna, then there is a higher possibility that rascal would appear.

In addition, make sure that you have all of these items lying in your lawn, whether it’s a wooden hammock or a heating stove or even a pom-pom sock, these are your methods that would bring the elusive rare cat to your house and get it added on your catbook list.

It will take awhile to attract Rascal:

Also, don’t be weary if it takes awhile because rare cats are precious and only those that survives and lingers are given the rare chance of enjoying their beauty and prowess to its best. So there you go, just make sure that you have all of these great toys and amazing food combination and surely, rascal would appear without a moment’s notice.

How to attract Neko Atsume Peaches?

Attracting the Neko Atsume peaches may not be easy without the certain tips and guides that could address the issue. For instance, knowing how to attract the neko atsume peaches requires specific strategies among other things.

How does Peaches look like?

The rare cat called Neko Atsume Peaches is also named as Cream or Kuriimu-San for those residing in Japan. It is a rare cat that has the special skills of eluding everyone. Also, Neko Atsume Peaches is the nuisance among all Neko Atsume players. Why? She is very picky, very hard to impress and she seldom stays for good or longer periods of time.

nekoatsumepeaches2At the same time, she hides for most days, and owing to that, its making it for harder to get a glimpse of the most elusive cat as well as acquiring a good picture for her for the catbook.

The rare Neko Atsume Peaches features a unique colour. It has cream-colored calico, and this is one of the most common colour for most ordinary cats. However, one distinctive feature that peaches has is the heart shaped spot on her flank

How to attract Neko Atsume Peaches:

You might ask yourself why are there peaches so hard to attract? First and foremost, her attribute is more inclined to being shy and seldom appears in public or crowded places. Additionally, her power level is pretty low which is the reason why she is hard to attract in comparison to other rare cats.

It stands out that a rare cat’s power level also fuels their attitudes in public. If there is a certain toy that a rare cat wants to have, power level is the main thing but if the other rare cat has more power, then those rare cats with lesser power level such as the Peaches usually decides to leave the fight and settle on her own.

Peaches would not pick a fight nor start a fight, which is why drawing them to your lawn is hard to do. So, the question lies on how to make these rare cats visit. First and foremost, know full well what they look like, and master its image on your mind. Know their figures and features well so that if you can nail down that they look like, its easier to spot it when it appears on your lawn.

Expand your yard can certainly help

As you must have notice, although they make short visits, they also visit often and sometimes, it gets missed, so check often and spot them right on hand. Also, it is important that you expand your lawn and yard. Give peaches more toys and enough room.

Toys also help:

Consecutively, buy more toys. Unlike other rare cats, peaches is not picky in terms of toys. She loves almost every type. Nevertheless, she likes cat metropolis, cat pancake, twisty rail and hammocks as well as cushions. Also, peaches loves to lounge rather than play so make it sure that you have the essentials that allow her to rest and with ease and comfort.

Also, try to place deluxe tuna bitz for peaches because like other rare cat, she loves quality food. Lastly, if you are able to do all that, wait for the reward that she can give to you after feeling satisfied and happy.

How to attract Neko Atsume Frosty?

Getting rare cats would boost any gamers’ confidence while playing Neko Atsume, and if you have the special cat named Frosty, your confidence level is boosted as well.

Getting Frosty to appear and befriend you is not that easy if you don’t know how to attract it, but if you have the vital elements that can get it to come out, then you will surely savor Frosty’s presence.

Toys to attract Neko Atsume Frosty

The latest rare cat addition to the game, Frosty would appear if you have these toys such as the silk crepe pillow, the snowy pillow type, the bureau along with its pot, the marble pad, the blizzard tent and even the basket case would call out Frosty to purr and reside in your lawn.

Food to attract Neko Atsume Frosty

Also, in terms of food, be wary that Frosty is a bit picky, she would not come out if you don’t offer her the Sashimi. If you set the food such as the frisky bitz, she would certainly not appear, as this new rare cat is picky and choosy.

Also, since this game is all about patience, wait for awhile and ensure that you have all of these toys and extravagant food to entice her to stay and linger for awhile.