How to attract Neko Atsume Frosty?

Getting rare cats would boost any gamers’ confidence while playing Neko Atsume, and if you have the special cat named Frosty, your confidence level is boosted as well.

Getting Frosty to appear and befriend you is not that easy if you don’t know how to attract it, but if you have the vital elements that can get it to come out, then you will surely savor Frosty’s presence.

Toys to attract Neko Atsume Frosty

The latest rare cat addition to the game, Frosty would appear if you have these toys such as the silk crepe pillow, the snowy pillow type, the bureau along with its pot, the marble pad, the blizzard tent and even the basket case would call out Frosty to purr and reside in your lawn.

Food to attract Neko Atsume Frosty

Also, in terms of food, be wary that Frosty is a bit picky, she would not come out if you don’t offer her the Sashimi. If you set the food such as the frisky bitz, she would certainly not appear, as this new rare cat is picky and choosy.

Also, since this game is all about patience, wait for awhile and ensure that you have all of these toys and extravagant food to entice her to stay and linger for awhile.

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