How to attract Neko Atsume Rascal

Just like Peaches, the Neko Atsume rascal is also hard to spot and see. It may seem ironic but the neko atsume rascal has the similar characteristics that peaches have. With that in mind, it is important to know the different ways to attract this elusive and secretive cat and lure it to your lawn to be added to your cat collection.

How to attract Neko Atsume Rascal:

Knowing what rascal might need or might be drawn too is the first thing that you need to know. For instance, it has a strong attraction to cardboard objects, as well as the train, café and even the house. He is also noted as the last among the rare cats to complete the catbook, which is why it is important that patience is enforced and practiced at all, times.


As you might have noticed, even though you have frisky bits laid out on your lawn, it would still be difficult. In order for you to draw the rare cat out of from its lair, you can prepare and set gold food sashimi or bonito bitz. Although you might be worried that you have spent a lot on special and costly food and yet he hasn’t appeared, don’t worry. Let your patience be extended and you will reap good rewards. Just keep on placing it on your lawn and eventually, it will appear and grace your day with much thrills and excitement, specially if rascal decided to stay and linger some more.

Also, rascal finds the bunny kick toy and the red ball, appealing so try to have those toys around as well. One thing about rascal is that it is very picky and sometimes would show a different side of it that makes it unpredictable to detect and figure out.

However, just like any other rare cats, their weakness will always get the best side of it and as for rascal, his love for toys and expensive food will eventually push him to come out despite the cost that it would bring to him.

Another thing that makes rascal unique is that different objects can draw him. Sometimes, it comes out when there is vase on the lawn or it purrs when there is rubber ball, and even when there is a heating stove.

It is not easy to attract Rascal:

Funny as it may seem, but Rascal brings a lot of diversities that makes it harder for any gamers out there to read. Also, if you have a pom-pom sock and serve him with sashimi, and a deluxe tuna, then there is a higher possibility that rascal would appear.

In addition, make sure that you have all of these items lying in your lawn, whether it’s a wooden hammock or a heating stove or even a pom-pom sock, these are your methods that would bring the elusive rare cat to your house and get it added on your catbook list.

It will take awhile to attract Rascal:

Also, don’t be weary if it takes awhile because rare cats are precious and only those that survives and lingers are given the rare chance of enjoying their beauty and prowess to its best. So there you go, just make sure that you have all of these great toys and amazing food combination and surely, rascal would appear without a moment’s notice.

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