How does Neko Atsume Mementos work?

Playing Neko Atsume would grant any gamers various opportunities to learn as they play. Meanwhile, as you progress through each hurdle, you might find out and realize that it is often times difficult to get the mementos to work, let alone find rare cats to assist you along the way.

No worries, here are some of the guides that can help you in understanding how the Neko Atsume mementos really work. It might get frustrating at times, specially if you have been playing for days and yet no mementos appear nor items were given and left behind.

Neko Atsume Mementos Guide:

As you must have realized, there is one thing that you need to know and that is love. If the kittens and the rare cats love you, they bring you tiny cute presents and these are treasures that these kitties love and parting with them costs a price.

The end point of this game, it is all about love. Love the kitties by giving costly foods and toys and they in turn will love you back and leave memorable mementos behind. Also, don’t get weary if you’ve been doing it for days because it takes many days for these cats to give back, so just be patience and wait.

Another thing, just make sure that you are not wasting your resources and toys. Take out the appropriate toys that best fits the rare cats that visits your lawn, the more applicable they are, the higher the probability that they would be happy and befriend you for what you’ve done.

So how to get Neko Atsume mementos? It lies more on the number of visits as well as the times that you have attracted the cats, and gave them what they want. The happier they are, the better it would be.

Lastly, befriending the cat is the best result and outcome. As you can see, mementos are given as an act of friendship being formed. It is a proof that the cats are accepting your offer of friendship and the cat in turn wants to return the favor that you have done.

Mementos are left behind for you to view and treasure. Unlike any games out there, it doesn’t really require much. No more petting or poking the cats or anything because the underlying element here is becoming the cat’s friend.

Once the cat comes and visits you for many times, and as long as you leave delicious treats behind, it would render the player the chance to receive gift or a treasure. And beware; each rare cat has its own memento to give away. The acquiring of the memento can be accomplished once a special event has just finished.

So, if the gamer opens the Neko Atsume game app, the screen is suddenly darkened and particular cat will appear and leave behind the priceless treasure.

Once a gamer receives the memento, it can be viewed view by tapping the cat to which it came from. Every memento that you received is then stored in the Mementos tab, found in the Cat Menu. Also, don’t worry if it takes awhile since it can require more than 100 visits before friendship is formed.

Here is the full mementos list:



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