How does Neko Atsume power level work?

A game that many cat lovers had become captivated with. This game is all about strategically placing toys and expensive foods to lure the felines into your yard. Neko Atsume is a cool, distinctive and an appealing game. It has different rare kitties, exceptional items and more thrilling game time that any gamers could get to enjoy. However, despite the cool and exciting game time, attaining each level is difficult and easier said than done. Sometimes, you might wonder how to make the Neko Atsume power level work and achieved? Well, here’s the deal, if you have befriend a cat that has higher power level, then you are in for some luck.

How Neko Atsume Power Level works:

One thing that you might notice is that ordinary cats are often times the species that constantly appear in your yard, and those rare cats with higher power level capabilities, seldom appear. If you look at your cat book, you might learn that Tubbs has a unique power level of 130 and it signifies that the rare cats are the best deal when it comes to gaining more power and control.

So if you want to gain an upper hand, make sure that you have the cats that have high power levels and it can only be achieve if you don’t settle for normal and average cats but try to befriend the rare cats and get them added on your cat list.

Power Level Indicate how special your cats are:

As you can see, the power level is an indicator of how special your cats are. Even the cats are fully aware of what their capable of. Also, the power level can be noted as the priority of the cat. It means that if cat A has higher level power and it wants to play with the toy that cat B certainly has, and that cat B has lower power level, then cat A will get what it wants because it has higher power level.

For instance, rare cat named Tubbs has a priority or power level of 130, and that power is quite high. If Tubbs wants to win over the toy, he can usually get it because he has higher power level.

Rare cats with higher power levels are usually accustomed to getting what they want and in turn it would be beneficial for you to have rare cats on your end. The higher power, the better it would be for your game time.

Different cats have different power level:

Each cat has its own power level, which is why it is important that you are aware of each rare cat as well as its capabilities, strength, hobbies and power level. The more information that you have about these rare cats, it would allow you to fully strategize and implement the right tools and methods to gain complete control over your rare cat’s capabilities and strength.

The end point of this game is power play. It’s all about using the power level to get what it wants. The more that you understand about Neko Atsume power level, the more that you can enforce actions that would eventually lead the rare cats to purr into your own lawn and stay there for good!

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