Neko Atsume yard expansion guide

In terms of yard expansion guide, improving and expanding your yard is challenging. It is difficult and without the right tools and guides, getting it done and doing it well might be easier said than done.

Also, you might have noticed, when you expand your yard as well as your house, you would only be granted one room to expand but one thing that you can do however to cover the glitch is to improve on your yard.

One of the main reasons why you need a yard expansion and spend on it is because you can use it to draw the cats. Furthermore, it is important that you can yard expansion immediately.  This is mainly the primary reason and vital endpoint of playing Neko Atsume.

You might have noticed, before the yard expansion that you are always on the run and always lacking, which is why after the yard expansion, you will notice that your lawn will be filled with more cats after the yard expansion.

Moreover, to have the yard expansion, go to the shop tab and tap it and select the yard expansion in there and voila, you can get to enjoy the yard expansion as well as the increased numbers of cats that visits your lawn.

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